Cultural Events

Cultural Events

Guided visit & workshop American Art from Thyssen Collection


American Art in the Thyssen Collection is the result of a research project funded by the Terra Foundation for American Art to study and reinterpret the collection of American art assembled by Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza (1921−2002) over the course of more than three decades. The show is part of the events designed to celebrate the centenary of his birth.

As a result of this line of collecting, the museum owns an extensive selection of American painting, especially from the nineteenth century, and has become an essential point of reference in Europe. Divided into four themed sections, it sets out to rethink the collection of American Art from a cross-cutting approach using categories such as history, politics, science, the environment, material culture and urban life, and considering aspects such as gender, ethnic group, class and language, among others, to provide a deeper understanding of the complexities of American art and culture.

The exhibition, which is on view in rooms 55 to 46 on the first floor of the museum, features a selection of 140 works belonging to the permanent collection and the Carmen Thyssen Collection or loaned by the Thyssen family.

In collaboration with the EAAS22 conference, the Museum offers registered participants the opportunity to visit the exhibition for free any time during the days of the conference (April 6-8). You can get your free tickets by showing your conference badge at the information booth of the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Also, the Museum offers a free guided tour to the American Art exhibition and the possibility to participate in a workshop on indigenous and decolonial issues around the American Art collection at the museum on Saturday, April 9 Both activities will take place on April 9, 2022; the first, between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. in the museum galleries; and the second, between 10:00 and 11:30 a.m., in the auditorium.


Wednesday 6 April at 6:30 pm in the Salón de Actos de Humanidades


“Then Spoke The Waste Land: Songs and Fragments” celebrates the centenary of T.S. Eliot’s legendary poem by combining some of its most memorable passages, thematically arranged, with prose fragments that help to contextualize them. The reading of these fragments alternates with music/songs that are either alluded to in the poem, or are evocative of its scenes, settings, characters and atmosphere.

Exhibition: BEATNIK: Transmutations of the Word

Opening Thursday 7 April at 1 pm in the Biblioteca building


This exhibition, framed within the 2022 EAAS Conference organized by the UNED, and the commemorative activities hosted by UNED 50, presents the collection BEATNIK by the visual artist Rebeka Elizegi.

Elizegi’s collection focuses on eight women poets of the Beat Generation: Lenore Kandel, Diane Di Prima, Mary Norbert Körte, Denise Levertov, Hettie Jones, Carolyn Cassady, Anne Waldman and Elise Cowen. As the artist herself explains, this collection is born out as “an activist homage to these poets who have been relegated to the shadows in the history of literature.” This activist character, and the interconnection among the so-called Beatnik women poets, is directly connected to the visibilization and empowerment of those women poets rejected by the literary canon. This trash-rescuing activity, that of reusing the rejected poetic word and transmuting it into artistic images, transforms the canon.

These artworks counterbalance the waste that the silent exclusion of women poets of the Beat Generation has implied for the history of American Literature. On the other hand, this exhibition reinforces the prevailing sustainability spirit because the technique of collage implies, among many other things, the reusing of wasted and garbage materials. Rebeka Elizegi recollects what others just consider old and useless printed materials and endows them with artistic meaning that also turns poetic.


Thursdays 7 April at 8:30 pm at El Umbral de Primavera (Lavapiés).


The theatre company Paraíso Cero presents Cómo ser Cleopatra. Un estudio sobre la tentación y cómo perder Egipto en 10 pasos [How to be Cleopatra. A study on temptation and how to lose Egypt in 10 steps], under the direction of Isabel Guerrero, Assistant Proffesor at the UNED.

The play deals with the conflict between duty and pleasure. Cleopatra knows how to deal with desire and obligation, while we can only dream of being her. We depart from William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and collective creation to generate our own instruction manual on how to be Cleopatra. Join us and you will also want to become Cleopatra.

cartel como ser cleopatra (1)

The play is performed in Spanish.

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